What are the differences we can find between UK Maxi CD and EU Maxi CD until 2001?

The UK CD are made by Swindon manufactory and European CD are made with Uden manufactory. It exists some printing colours differences. You can find those information under the cd (inner circle)

What are the differences we can find between EU Single CD and French Single CD ?

Some Spice Girls released singles are exclusively printed in France by SNA or MPO manufactories.

And Italian Maxi CD?

Some Italian CD Maxi have SIAE Label added to the design (back cover or cd). For example, Mi Chico Latino Italian Maxi CD has a different font on the cover.

How to recognize Thailand Maxi CD?

There are almost identical to European CD and printed in EU. Check the ifpi code for Thailand in the inner circle (Ifpi L03X). You can find list of Ifpi codes on internet easily.

Why New Zealand Cassettes have the same catalogue numbers as UK Cassettes?

They are identical to UK Cassettes but they are released with a jewel protected case. All audio cassettes printed in any countries are different for each national manufactories.

Why Ultimatespice doesn't put Chinese CD, Argentine/US Promo CD with stickers or Japanese Stickered Promo CD Single?

Most of Chinese CD are fake and pirated, you will only find the official ones. Stickered or "Sample" printed on existing releases were discarded. If the cd has a real difference then it has been added.

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