Northern Star Era

Album: Northern Star
Artist: Melanie C
UK Release Date: 18th October 1999
UK Re-release Date: 21st August 2000
UK Chart Run: 10-18-34-41-40-38-28-30-34-35-37-43-55-77-89-112-91-59-34-21-13-12-10-12-05-07-11-15-16-20-29-37-49-54-58-51-48-41-28-24-20-20-16-17-04-06-06-06-11-18-22-25-36-43-56-57-61-52-49-39-33-32-40-40-48-57-66-84-74-80-116-136-115-116-102-139-161-144-153-184-OUT [1st Entry: 24/10/1999]
171-192-OUT [2nd Entry: 20/05/2001]
180-OUT [3rd Entry: 14/10/2001]
71-53-52-70-89-91-OUT [4th Entry: 30/12/2001]
89-131-OUT [5th Entry: 22/09/2002]
170-198-OUT [6th Entry: 30/03/2003]
105-108-OUT [7th Entry: 27/04/2003]
87-72-95-135-OUT [8th Entry: 04/01/2004]
UK Estimated Sales: 890,150+

Single: Goin' Down
Artist: Melanie C
UK Release Date: 27th September 1999
UK Chart Run: 04-18-30-50-OUT [1st Entry: 03/10/1999]
64-67-OUT [2nd Entry: 07/11/1999]
82-79-OUT [3rd Entry: 05/12/1999]
UK Estimated Sales: 92,645+

Single: Northern Star
Artist: Melanie C
UK Release Date: 22nd November 1999
UK Chart Run: 04-09-16-22-24-33-36-42-54-67-70-79-OUT [1st Entry: 28/11/1999]
81-88 [2nd Entry: 05/03/2000]
UK Estimated Sales: 202,636+

Single: Never Be The Same Again
Artists: Melanie C featuring Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes
UK Release Date: 20th March 2000
UK Chart Run: 01-02-07-09-11-14-17-26-31-38-42-54-67-75-OUT [1st Entry: 26/03/2000]
70-74-OUT [2nd Entry: 16/07/2000]
UK Estimated Sales: 431,477+

Single: I Turn To You
Artist: Melanie C
UK Release Date: 7th August 2000
UK Chart Run: 01-04-05-08-15-24-30-36-34-48-55-55-OUT [1st Entry: 13/08/2000]
78-77-OUT [2nd Entry:19/11/2000]
93-93-93-99-OUT [3rd Entry: 07/01/2001]
UK Estimated Sales: 380,500+

Single: If That Were Me
Artist: Melanie C
UK Release Date: 27th November 2000
UK Chart Run: 18-33-40-42-40-44-51-67-OUT [1st Entry: 03/12/2000]
81-89-76-73-72-79-89-OUT [2nd Entry: 04/02/2001]
UK Estimated Sales: 53,595+

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