Forever Era

Single: Goodbye
Artists: Spice Girls
UK Release Date: 14th December 1998
UK Chart Run: 01-02-02-05-12-20-27-31-44-42-57-48-42-37-61-68-71-74-49-34-63-OUT [1st Entry: 20/12/1998]
UK Estimated Sales: 900,000+

Album: Forever
Artists: Spice Girls
UK Release Date: 6th November 2000
UK Chart Run: 02-16-32-37-35-43-49-62-80-111-150-OUT [1st Entry: 12/11/2000]
184-OUT [2nd Entry: 05/08/2001]
93-120-OUT [3rd Entry: 15/09/2002]
185-OUT [4th Entry: 19/01/2003]
UK Estimated Sales: 266,000+

Single: Holler/Let Love Lead The Way
Artists: Spice Girls
UK Release Date: 23th October 2000
UK Chart Run: 01-03-10-22-31-38-39-43-46-42-46-62-54-54-64-66-69-78-OUT [1st Entry: 29/10/2000]
96-93-OUT [2nd Entry: 15/04/2001]
97-OUT [3rd Entry: 13/05/2001]
UK Estimated Sales: 260,000+

Promo Only: Tell Me Why




Promo Only: If You Wanna Have Some Fun




Promo Only: Weekend Love